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Elevate Life Coaching

Transform your life and career after trauma.


I see you, sis.

You’ve been reeling since navigating a season of suffering. You feel aimless or fog-brained every time you try to think about the future. Scrolling on Instagram can quickly turn into the comparison game … wondering who and what you could have become if not for what you’ve been through.


You wish there was a “reset button” to go back to before when life was different and so were you.


But what if instead you thanked yourself for the way you survived? It helped you become who you are – the woman ready to take on new challenges and big dreams.


There may not be an easy button in life, but you can always phone a friend. (Me!)

You’re starting over — not starting from scratch.

It’s true. You’re not who you once were. (But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.)


You’re a new person now, but it doesn’t mean your past has nothing to offer. 


When you work with a coach, you’ll get help sorting out your thoughts and feelings, rediscovering your gifts and dreams, and get the motivational nudge you need to show up for yourself every day.


And with me as your partner in passion, we will create the concrete roadmap to your dream life so you have the confidence and clarity to make life-giving decisions and the tools to overcome obstacles and stressors that stand in your way.

3 Steps to Starting Over


Hop on a Free Call

During our short call, you can brain dump everything on your mind. I'll ask you some questions and make a recommendation for us to move forward.


Start your Journey

We'll work together to define your goals, create a clear path forward, and take action - whether it's in a group or private setting.


Live Confidently

You'll walk away with a personalized toolbox for moving from surviving to thriving and living a joyful ,meaningful life

Lenita Dunlap

"Dieula shares much-needed steps in the Art of Forgiveness workshop. She’s ever mindful of how difficult it is and yet she walks us through the process to live lives of purpose and freedom. I highly recommend Dieula’s work."

It's never too late to start over. So why not start now?

As a licensed professional counselor and a certified life purpose coach,

I work with clients in two primary ways:

Taking Meeting Notes

3 Months of Private Coaching

Receive focused, individual support that grows with you as you set out to live the life you truly desire. Through 1:1 coaching calls, you'll have the space to ask questions, receive guidance, and create a plan for your future. I'll be with you through every step of the way, and when you're through, you'll have exactly what you need to build a life to thrive.

Over the course of our time together, you'll have me in your corner. You'll be fully supported as. you identify goals, create a concrete roadmap, and take action.

You'll walk away with the confidence and clarity you've been looking for.

Your package includes:

  • 6 personalized, 50-minute sessions where you'll be seen and supported. We will schedule sessions every two weeks to ensure consistent progress.

  • Email support throughout our time together so you can reach out when you need extra support or accountability.

  • Research and referrals as needed to make sure you have all the right tools for the road ahead.

Laughing During a Meeting

Group Coaching Cohort

When you join the 3-month group coaching experience, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance, create an action plan, and feel completely supported by a community of women just like you.

This intimate cohort of women will cheer you on, give valuable feedback and advice, and celebrate every success with you.

You'll walk away with your personal roadmap to success and new friends to help you along the way.

The group coaching package includes:

  • 6 group meetings where you will create your goals and discuss the obstacles you face in taking action in community

  • 2 personalized, 50-minute 1:1 sessions where we will focus on you and uncovering your passions, gifts, and skills that can make your dream life inevitable

  • Research and referrals as needed to make sure you have all the right tools for the road ahead

Spots are limited to 10 per cohort. Our next cohort starts in _____.

Not sure which is right for you?

If you aren't sure which form of support will help you most, let's talk. Schedule a free consultation session, and we'll decide the best course of action together.

 When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

- Audre Lorde

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