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Empowering women to live a life of purpose on purpose.

Dieula Previlon is a sought-after speaker and preacher, when you hear her speak, you get a sense that she is destined to inspire people to live transformative lives. Her parents often tell her after she survived a near death experience at birth, her name was changed from Magalie to Dieula which in Kreyol means God is present. She believes this was her parents’ way of dedicating her life to the service of God to speak, to preach, to inspire and encourage the people of God to thrive and live purposeful lives.


She has over 20 years of preaching and speaking experience, in churches across the nation and internationally, in conferences, and retreats. She is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) Denomination.

Schedule Dieula to speak and preach at your church, retreat, conference and workshop.

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Where is Dieula Speaking?

  • Shiloh Church, East Orange, NJ

    • 4/20-21/24​

  • Metro Hope Church, NY

    • 3/17/24​

  • Haitian Church of God, Asbury Park, NJ

    • 3/16/24​

  • WestHills Covenant Church, Portland, Oregon

    • 3/2-3/24​

  • NorthPark University, Chicago, IL

    • 2/21/24​

  • Triumphant Life Church, Asbury Park, NJ

    • 2/10/24​

  • Mercy Center, Asbury Park, NJ

    • 2/8/24​

  • Haiti Sankofa Trip

    • 1/18-21/24​

  • Mosaic Church, Roosevelt Island, NY

    • 1/14/24​

  • Zion Community Church, Philadelphia, PA

    • 12/24/23​

  • Metro Hope Church, Harlem, NY

    • 12/17/23​

  • Connect Life Church, Brooklyn, NY

    • 11/5/23

  • Metro Hope Church, Harlem, NY

  • 10/29/23​

  • Eglise Evangelique Cap Haitien, Haiti​

  • 10/6-10/13/23​

  • Forest Hills Covenant Church Retreat,

  • Maine, 9/29-9/30/23​

  • Metro Church, Paramus, NJ​

  • 8/27/23​

  • Women of Worth Retreat, NJ​

  • 8/18-8/29/23​

  • Connect Life Church Marriage Workshop, Brooklyn, NY

  • 8/1 & 8/4/23 ​

  • Metro Hope Church, Harlem, NY​

    • 7/23/23

  • Wedding Ceremony, Lake Mary, FL​

    • 7/14/23​

  • Metro Hope Church, Harlem, NY​

    • 5/28/23​

  • ECC Annual Meeting Workshop, CT​

    • 4/28/23​

  • First Shiloh Church, Orange, NJ​

    • 3/19/23

Rev, Dr. Jackie Roese

President of The Marcella Project and founder of She Can Teach

“Over my two decades of training women and men to preach, Dieula stands out. I immediately knew she "had it." Dieula's command of the Scripture, unique life experiences, and authenticity that relates, and her incredible ability to sense the Spirit's leading makes her an excellent preacher. She knows she's my first choice to officiate my funeral. I want her preacher's voice to be the last voice that speaks about my life.”
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