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Pastor, Counselor & Life Purpose Coach

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Dieula Previlon is a visionary and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and executive director of non-profit, ElevateHer International Ministries and for-profit, Elevate Life Coaching and counseling. Her vision is to empower women to heal from trauma, find their purpose, and live it out. She is also a pastor, counselor, life purpose coach, and leader. Her professional career in these areas spans over 20 years. 

She was born in Gonaives, Haiti as the fourth daughter to a strong and resilient woman and a visionary father, Dieula’s career and ministry today stem from her parents’ sacrificial act of love of immigrating to the US.  They immigrated to the United States in the late 70s and she and her siblings later joined them in the late 80s.  Dieula has always felt a strong sense that she was called to a career and ministry beyond the local Haitian community.  She left the Haitian community and went off to college at Rutgers University.  

Soon after college, she became a middle school teacher as she concurrently volunteered in many church ministries and her community. She once again left the Haitian community to attend Dallas Theological Seminary with a master’s in counseling where she was propelled into a journey of finding and embracing her passion and purpose for empowering the people of God to a deeper relationship with Christ, self, and others through pastoring, counseling, life coaching, and nonprofit leadership.  

She later joined the staff of a church in Dallas as the Mission’s Pastor and Director. She spent many years ministering to the women of Lew Sterrett Jail in Dallas. She has traveled to Haiti, Kenya, DR Congo, Brazil, and wherever the Lord called her to offer trauma healing training to women through the non-profit she founded in 2012, ElevateHer International. She has also served as associate pastor at another Church in Dallas where she led mission initiatives and racial justice ministry. 

Additionally, she has served on several organizational boards to continue to support the work of her local community. 

Dieula is currently leaning into the heart of her passion: empowering women to discover and live out their purpose on purpose through Elevate Life Coaching, Counseling, and Consulting.

She currently lives in Berlin, NJ with her husband of 25 years, Fresnel. She is the proud mother of three young adult sons, Reynel, Justin, and Devin.

Dieula is also:

  •   Licensed Professional Counselor- Supervisor (LPC-S)

  •   Certified Life Purpose Coach

  •   Ordained Minister through the Evangelical Covenant Church Denomination

  •   Former Vice President Of Heartline Ministries Board

  •   Former Vice President of Evangelical Covenant Church Ministerium Board

  •   Founder and CEO of ElevateHer International Ministries

  •   Founder and owner of Elevate Life Coaching, Counseling and Consulting LLC

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  • Identify your purpose through your own personal mission statement

  • Figure out the golden ticket in your hand

  • Change your mindset from scarcity to abundance

  • Discover your greatest needs, roadblocks, and successes

  • Set a plan to help you achieve your desired goals

  • Strategize your plan to help you take steps towards your purpose

  • Accountability that helps you stay on track and focus

  • Recover from setbacks and disappointment

  • Help with starting your own non-profit and for-profit

  • Advice, encouragement with your website and messaging

  • Navigate and manage your social media

  • Measure progress

  • Readjust plans, if need be, as you start taking steps

  • Celebrate your wins

  • Create a maintenance plan

  • Create a self-care plan for longevity in the journey

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Empowering women to live a life of purpose on purpose.



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“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” - Maya Angelou

In 2012, with the help and support of my husband Fresnel, I launched ElevateHer International with the vision of Empowering women to heal from trauma and become instruments for healing, peace and hope through large and small group trauma healing training.

I wanted to create an organization where the focus was about Elevating and empowering women. 

My hope was for the focus to be centered around women’s emotional healing. We know when trauma hits a community, women and children are often the most severely impacted. I believe when a woman actively enters a journey of emotional healing, she is better positioned to be her best at whatever role she is called to play. With ElevateHer, I entered Dallas, Lew Sterret jail, teaching and challenging women to choose life, no matter the difficulties and where they might have found themselves. 

After 2 years of prison ministry, and with the support of her best friends, Anide Eustache and Betty Jean and an invitation from missionary friend Sally Todd, ElevateHer began offering conferences in Haiti. 

ElevateHer has also offered Trauma informed training in the US, Kenya, DR Congo and Brazil. My hope and desire for ElevateHer is for its message to get in the hands of women all over the world so they can be elevated and empowered to live life fully as God intends. Every woman has a right to live a life of purpose on purpose.

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