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Does God See Me?
New Book Coming May 2024

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Listen, let’s take back what trauma and grief stole from you, sis.

Do any of these sound familiar? You feel …


  • Overwhelmed by trying to figure out where to begin in rebuilding your life

  • Frustrated because your capacity to dream feels stifled

  • Stuck, uninspired, and unable to focus on any one goal

  • Discouraged watching everyone else continue to take leaps forward while you seem to be standing still


You didn’t just lose something you loved … you also lost yourself in the aftermath.

And it’s time to find yourself again!

What if you could approach your life with complete clarity and confidence?

You could stop feeling pangs of jealousy and discontent when you see the big milestones everyone else is hitting because you’re finally hitting your own.


You could find yourself smiling because you found yourself inspired by new ideas.


You could know for sure you’re heading in the right direction and have enough focus to take concrete steps toward your dreams every day.


The grief and trauma of your past don’t have to define your future.

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Rediscover your Dreams

Explore what you want out of life and create a path to make it happen. Know exactly what you need to feel fulfilled and step fully into the shoes of the woman you were made to be.

Woman at Work

Reorient your Life

Design the life you dream of and take intentional action every day. Uncover your values so you can make big moves or small ones with clarity and confidence.


Reclaim your Joy

Get the tools you need to build resilience and conquer the stressors that keep you stuck. Build a meaningful and fulfilling life that you can’t stop smiling about.

As a licensed professional counselor, certified life purpose coach, ordained minister, and experienced leader, I will walk alongside you and give you the tools to elevate your life personally and professionally after trauma.

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Taking Notes




It’s never too late to start over. So why not start now?
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